30 Before 30

Personal, Writing

Here are 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.

  1. be published somewhere that’s not this blog or a school publication
  2. start my own podcast or be a part of one
  3. read 100 books (or more) over a 12 month period
  4. travel to Europe
  5. stand in every U.S state at least once
  6. have a Youtube channel to partner with this blog and my other writings
  7. get my degree and have $0 in student loan debt
  8. get full sleeves of tattoos on both my arms
  9. travel to Japan
  10. read all the “classic” books I’ve wanted to read.
  11. give some kind of public “talk” like a speech or a panel
  12. have a 401k or similar saving plan
  13. produce at least one of my screenplays
  14. have some semblance of a healthy diet
  15. get a pet (preferably a dog)
  16. give more to charity and have a strong role in a cause I believe in
  17. learn how to cook actual meals that aren’t ramen and cereal
  18. live more sustainably and create less waste
  19. learn to speak at least one other language fluently
  20. ride a horse
  21. start playing music again
  22. visit Canada
  23. live alone for awhile
  24. watch all the t.v. shows in my Netflix list
  25. meet Kathleen Hanna
  26. write at least one full length book
  27. buy a sports car
  28. buy a dishwasher
  29. go to Sasquatch or Bonaroo or both
  30. buy an espresso machine

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